Оver 70% of consumers conduct online research prior to making a purchase of a product or service

We create and manage comparison websites:

— to bring in motivated consumers and foster long-term connections between brands and their target audiences.

— to attract and monetize the high-intent audience.

You may think that it’s not rocket science… It’s not, but our clients’ metrics are skyrocketing!

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1. Identifying

We conduct an in-depth analysis of the potential consumer's awareness with the product and identify key motivations that drive their purchasing decisions.

2. Targeting

We leverage organic search tools to effectively distribute advertising and attract a highly engaged and ready-to-purchase audience.

3. Connecting

We bring motivated and ready-to-purchase consumers directly to our client's brands.

4. Comparing

We run comparison websites customized for potential consumers' queries, capturing attention for our client's product or service

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