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Enamored with calculations and numbers, we're not big fans of corporate rigidity and bureaucracy.
We strive to achieve impactful working results, having great time together out of work.

We get our partners' success as our own success. We're the go-getters who don't believe in waiting around because we're making things happen right here and right now.

Never ever ever ever ending growth

A system that doesn't hinder our people in the speed of both professional and financial growth.

Result performers

Our team is driven by effectiveness and visible results.

Growing mindset

Each of us is the architect and builder of our own achievements and outcomes.

Play smart, party smarter

To maximize productivity, we have fun to the max.

An open management style
Apple equipment
Internal and external learning
The opportunity to influence all the processes
provided breakfasts, lunches, dinners and snacks
Parties, team-buildings and trips
Offices in, Kyiv and in Warsaw
Salary in $
Comprehensive health insurance
In-office gym
Psychologist compensation
Evgeniy Prima
CEO expla

Graduated in Marketing from KNEU, with 11 years of experience in performance marketing. Genya assists teams in building strategies for their businesses to maximize effectiveness.

Oleksandr Belevets
CEO Traffic Kitchen powered by expla

Worked in more than 15 highly competitive niches and has brought over 400 specialists into the SEO profession. Enthusiastic about Ukrainian esports and Japanese culture: dedicated 3 years to studying the Japanese language.

Ihor Svietlichnyi
CMO expla 

Joined expla company as a Junior Marketing Manager and advanced to the position of CMO within 4 years. Launched two of the company's largest units.

Yegor Galushko
Head of Cpamatica powered by expla

Developing a project into a large multi-vertical affiliate network to make it the go-to platform for ambitious online entrepreneurs worldwide. Previously worked at UBS Asset Management, Concorde Capital, and Fozzy Group.

Yurii Tovstenko
Chief Business Development Officer

Built the Business Development team responsible for business growth, strategic partnerships, and exploring new directions for expla company. Brings over 10 years of experience in investments and finance.

Roman Zverevich
Head of Social Marketing expla

Since 2016, Roman has progressed from a Junior Affiliate Manager to the Head of Social Marketing. Always focused on advancing the most dynamic aspect of performance marketing.

Natali Ten
Chief People Officer

Develops HR, recruiting, employer branding, and administrative processes within the company. A business coach and career consultant, Natali assists businesses and individuals in unlocking their full potential.

Ruslan Novyk
Chief Design Officer

Joined the company in 2017. Responsible for product and communication design. Built a strong team and together with them helps to create top-notch products for projects powered by expla company.

Danylo Kyrpach
Сhief Technical Оfficer

In expla company since 2015. Danylo began his  journey in the company as a Junior Front-End Developer. Throughout the time at the company, he has successfully built an efficient team that supports the marketing, analytical, and service aspects of the business.

Anastasiia Kazakova
SEO Team Lead

Joined expla in 2019 as a Junior SEO Specialist and have since risen to SEO Team Lead. Together with my team we are gaining relevant search traffic and effectively converting it to leads for our partners. I really enjoy playing tennis and skiing.

Hanna Leskiv
Senior Employer Brand Manager

At expla, she creates and implements the Employer Brand strategy, aiding in attracting the best employees. After 8 years in the field of strategic communications, she pivoted to HR Brand and has no regrets about it. She's passionate about yoga and is raising a charming cat.

Iuliia Dudnyk
People Partner

Builds effective relationships among team members. Leads Learning and Development (L&D) projects and ensures employee engagement in corporate activities. Enjoys Latin American dances, collects travel experiences, and is a fan of authentic Ukrainian projects.

Sustainability in everything

We have dedicated spaces for waste sorting and safe battery disposal.  We prioritize using exclusively eco-friendly products. In addition, our expla team planted magnolias in Kyiv botanical gardens. 

Volunteering at animal shelters

We provide financial support and occasionally organize team trips to animal shelters in the Kyiv region. It's a great opportunity to help those in need and cuddle up with furry friends.

Backing you up emotionally and mentally

It's crucial to us that our team feels comfortable to give their 100% at work. For example, we cover the cost of a personal psychologist, organize group trips to the mountains, mentorship sessions, and implement corporate training programs.

Made in Ukraine

We champion local producers.  Everything in our office is Ukrainian-made. 

We're on the lookout for our SMART-ASSES. Always! Let's perform ourselves and the world – become a part of expla! 

What are the phases in a recruitment process?

There are several steps:

  1. CV valuation;
  2. Interview with one of our recruiter / pre-screening questions;
  3. Interview with hiring manager;
  4. Assessment task;
  5. Final interview.
When will I receive the feedback after submitting my CV?

Feedback will be provided within 5 business days.

What's the format of the interview?

The interview takes place online via Google Meet.

Will I have an assessment task?

Candidates for all positions, from Office Manager to Head of Affiliate Marketing, are required to complete an assessment. Your hiring chances depend on this task!

The assessment tasks are challenging and may require up to 12 hours of work. These tasks provide an opportunity for candidates to showcase their analytical and technical abilities and demonstrate their motivation.

There is no open role for me. What should I do? 

We’re always on the lookout for talent.  But even if you don’t see an open role for you, feel free to send us your CV and Cover Letter.

How does expla works: online / offline / hybride?

We offer a flexible schedule with remote work options and no micromanaging.

We have offices in Kyiv and Warsaw.

Our nice, spacious, and modern office in Kyiv (10 minutes from the Olimpiyska metro station) featured with:

  • lounge zones
  • comfortable meeting rooms
  • own kitchen and gym
  • breakfasts/lunches/snacks
  • has blackout capabilities
How do you train and develop your employees?

We’re all about continuous development and growing. We stand for learning every day and every moment. Internal training includes:

  • Lectures from colleagues (professional and lifestyle topics).
  • Lectures from experts of other companies for knowledge exchange.
  • Intensives on management and soft skills.

If you choose external training, we will cover the costs.

Who will be my manager?

In the job description, we provide the name of the hiring manager who is looking for a new team member. You can find their contact details on LinkedIn and get acquainted with the profile of your potential manager.If information about the hiring manager is not mentioned in the description, you can inquire about it with your recruiter. The recruiter will provide more details about your prospective manager and the team.

How is communication and interaction organized within the team?

We think you’ve noticed that we’re addressing you informally.
This reflects our team vibe — be friendly, open and simple.

We operate in a hybrid format, but the majority of our team works from offices (Kyiv, Warsaw).

We enjoy spending time together: volunteering, celebrating achievements and colleagues’ anniversaries, playing games, and table tennis.

We provide everything you need to quickly adapt and start delivering results right away.



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